Chameleon, Jackal, birds, habitat conservation

Project name:

Archipelagos (4)

Project purpose:

Chameleon, Jackal, birds, habitat conservation

Project activities:

  • community awareness

  • data collection/analysis

  • habitat restoration/management




Weekly cost (approx USD):



Direct benefits you gain:

  • cultural integration

  • data/statistical skills

  • field research skills

  • remote scenic location

Noteworthy conservation points:

  • development goals (supporting local community)

  • publishes peer-reviewed science

  • publishes work


Shared accommodation in the research centre/research vessel



accommodation included, food included, wifi, refillable drinking water, electricity, toilet (western)

Details of the day-to-day life on the project:

Minimum duration of 3 months is highly recommended for all volunteers/interns, but placements can be up to a year long.

The Archipelagos laboratory is located in the Archipelagos research base on Samos and a smaller lab unit operates in the Archipelagos research base on Ikaria. In addition, an onboard lab is currently being developed on the Archipelagos research boat, Pinelopi. The on-board lab will facilitate water analyses in various parts of the Greek seas during Archipelagos’ research expeditions.

On-going lab research projects:

  • Microplastics

  • Water Quality

  • Drinking and Groundwater Chemistry

  • Swimming Water Chemistry

  • Soil Quality

  • Pesticide Residues

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