Sloths, rainforest, wildlife rehabilitation and conservtion

Project name:

Kids Saving The Rainforest (KSTR)

Project purpose:

Sloths, rainforest, wildlife rehabilitation and conservtion

Project activities:

  • animal rehabilitation

  • animal interaction

  • teaching

  • community awareness

  • data collection/analysis

  • habitat restoration/management 


Costa Rica

Central America

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Weekly cost (approx USD):


Direct benefits you gain:

  • cultural integration

  • data/statistical skills

  • field research skills

  • remote scenic location

  • undertake your own research

Noteworthy conservation points:

​development goals (supporting local community)


Luxury style cottage or hostel style dorm rooms



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Details of the day-to-day life on the project:

This project gives you the option to volunteer for as little as a day

Full Day Program

*This project is suitable for children if they are unaccompanied 

  • 9am - 4pm includes lunch and tour

  • For 2 or more people-$125 per Adult

  • $100 per child between 8 - 12 years old  

  • Volunteer activities are not conducive for children under 8. Minimum age requirement is 18 years old (alone) and 8 yrs - 17 yrs with PARENTAL SUPERVISION.

Internship positions

  • Wildlife Sanctuary/Zookeeper Intern: This internship will help prepare you for a career in the field of Zookeeping and Animal Caretaking. You will assist our Sanctuary Manager/Biologist & Zookeeper in our Wildlife Sanctuary elevating the quality of life of animals in captivity. You will be performing animal husbandry to include assisting in the daily feeding, cleaning, and enrichment of enclosures. You will assess behavior, and may be called upon to assist in capturing or restraining animals for necessary medical procedures.


  • Veterinary Clinic/Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern: This internship is suited for students or recent graduates with a concentration in veterinary medicine, biology, wildlife management, animal conservation, and similar fields of study. You will assist our veterinary team in the clinic performing exams, treatments (if trained and authorized) surgeries (for those interested), handling/restraining wildlife, and various procedures. You will assist in the intake of injured and orphaned wildlife, provide routine daily cleaning and feeding for the animals currently residing in the clinic, rehabilitation and pre-release areas. Interns should expect a busy, physically challenging, highly variable environment with emergency cases coming in at a moment’s notice. You will also work in our rescue center, helping prepare animals for their release. The tasks required of you will vary greatly depending upon the animals in our care and where they are in on their journey to release. Activities will include designing enclosure and feeding enrichments, animal observations, collecting data with ethograms, foraging, taking animals in rehabilitation out to exercise, coming up with rehab out to exercise, designing challenges to prepare animals for release and more. You may be called upon to perform studies of suitable habitats, and/or to track individuals after release.

  • Nursery Assistant Intern: This internship requires a selfless dedication to the care and rearing of orphaned baby wildlife. You will assist our Nursery Manager in a variety of duties that may include syringe feeding, preparing special diets for the babies, collecting wild leaves, and supervising the climbing and foraging of young animals as they practice for their lives in the wild. This position requires long hours, a willingness to work some night shifts, and foregoing personal comfort in rustic conditions in the interest of the babies you are working hard to help save. A preference for a 6-month placement is given for this internship given the extensive training required.

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