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Conservation volunteer programme for reserve and Black Rhino protection

Project name:

Nakavango Conservation Project

Project purpose:

Conservation volunteer programme for reserve and Black Rhino protection

Project activities:

  • animal rehabilitation

  • community awareness

  • data analysis/collection

  • habitat restoration/management




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Weekly cost (approx USD):



Direct benefits you gain:

  • cultural integration

  • field research skills

  • remote scenic location

  • conservation management experience

Noteworthy conservation points:

  • development goals (supporting local community)

Wild Sun Rescue Center


When does the project run?


accommodation included, food included, cooking facilities, electricity, local shops, hot shower, western toilet, wifi

How long can I stay?


  • volunteers must be over 18 years of age at the beginning of the programme 

  • must present a recent criminal background check 

  • fluency in English is required to participate

Details of the day-to-day life on the project:

Our volunteer programme is the primary experience offered at the Nakavango Conservation Centre, and is open to volunteers from around the world, throughout the year. As a Nakavango volunteer, you will engage in “behind the scenes” conservation and game reserve management activities, wildlife research, and community development programmes. About 80% of your working time is dedicated to conservation activities, with 20% being dedicated to community development projects. We suggest a stay of 2-4 weeks, you may choose to stay for up to three months!

Volunteers are kept busy Monday to Friday with weekends spent at leisure, providing you with the opportunity to explore the Victoria Falls area and take part in the adrenalin and leisure activities on offer, as well as give you time to soak up the local culture.
Rate structure: 2 weeks (13 nights) = USD 1,400; 3 weeks (20 nights) = By special request only; 4 weeks (27 nights) = USD 2,400; 6 weeks (41 nights) = USD 3,400**; 8 weeks (55 nights) = USD 4,400**; 10 weeks (69 nights) = USD 5,400**; 12 weeks (83 nights) = USD 6,200**
** Please take into consideration that non-Zimbabwean Residents who wish to stay for longer than 4 weeks, will be required to purchase a Temporary Employment permit from Zimbabwean Immigration at a cost of USD 500

Also note that odd numbered weeks can be obtained on special request and rates will be advised on booking.

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