Primate sanctuary

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Plett Homestay (1)

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Primate sanctuary

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South Africa


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Details of the day-to-day life on the project:

Daily tasks (may vary)Arrive and begin feeding primates and cleaning the cages of primates that for various reasons, have not yet been released into the forest.This is followed by a quick �Rubbish Run� � walking through the forest picking up papers that the visitors have dropped, or the primates may have stolen and dropped on the forest floor.Cleaning the car park of litter that was left behind by visitors.Welcoming guests upon arrival and escort them to the main reception area.Pending your attitude and aptitude, conduct one-hour guided tours (most probably in your mother tongue and/or English) through the forest and visiting/observing the 350 � 600+ primates that roam freely, giving relevant information about them and observing them �up close and personal� in a natural setting.Lunch is not taken at any pre-determined time as it can only be taken as the situation allows. However, as an international volunteer, you are always given preference over staff when it comes to taking lunch.Other tasks that may (or not) include maintaining the forest walkways and suspension bridge throughout the day, assisting the curators in observations, veterinary visits and treatment, etc.

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