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Seal Rehabilitation and Environmental Education

Project name:

Seal Rescue Ireland (1)

Project purpose:

Seal Rehabilitation and Environmental Education

Project activities:

  • animal rehabilitation

  • environmental education

  • community awareness




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Weekly cost (approx USD):



Direct benefits you gain:

  • marine mammal rehabilitation experience

  • environmental education

Noteworthy conservation points:

  • ethical rehabilitation centre/practices

  • actively educating about environmental issues

Wild Sun Rescue Center


Interns accepted into the program will have the option of staying in our intern housing for 90 euros/week. Housing includes a bed in a shared room (up to three people) food and internet

When does the project run?


local shops, nearby medical facilities, refillable drinking water, western toilet, wifi

How long can I stay?


  • Background in areas of study such as Pre-Vet, Biology, Zoology, Marine Biology, Conservation Biology, Environmental Science or other animal related field.

  • Applicants must be able to follow written and oral instruction, possess effective communication skills, and be passionate about marine animals and their environment.

  • Applicants should be agile with a good sense of balance in order to maneuver around enclosures, and must be physically fit and able to lift 25 kg.

  • Applicants must possess the ability to adapt in a fast paced, ever changing environment and have a positive, purposeful attitude.

  • They must be willing to work long hours, nights, weekends and holidays.

  • Previous animal care and handling experience as well as public speaking skills are preferred, however interns will receive training to develop these skills.

Details of the day-to-day life on the project:

With rolling start dates year around, this high paced, full-time position is for a minimum of 12 weeks, but longer time commitments are encouraged. This position provides the intern with a well rounded experience of both hands-on marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation work, as well as promoting marine conservation and education. The intern’s time will be split between assisting in the daily care of the animals and providing educational tours to the public as well as assisting with community engagement and fundraising projects. The variation of responsibilities provide interns with excellent understanding of what it takes to successfully operate the many different aspects of a wildlife charity. Additionally, each intern gets the opportunity to independently plan one fundraiser project, to learn leadership and organisational skills. Interns that excel may be offered additional levels of responsibility to pursue specialized skill sets.

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