Wolfdog Rescue

Project name:

Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

Project purpose:

We are a non-profit organization who promotes responsible wolfdog ownership by providing a variety of educational programs. We discuss the challenges of wolfdog ownership and outline what a suitable home looks like. We also touch on the importance of preserving wolves in the wild! On top of the educational programs, the Sanctuary also oversees the rescue and safe sanctuary for wolfdogs that have been neglected, abandoned, or otherwise displaced.

Project activities:

  • animal interaction
  • animal rehabilitation
  • community awareness



North America

Weekly cost (approx USD):



Direct benefits you gain:

  • undertake your own research
  • unique learning experience

Noteworthy conservation points:

  • development goals (supporting local community)
  • ethical rehabilitation centre/practices


No accommodation available!


refillable drinking water, drop toilets.

Details of the day-to-day life on the project:

Running daily wolfdog educational tours, care taking of wolfdogs and enclosures they are housed in, facility maintenance etc.

How long can I stay?

3 months minimum with 2 days per week. (8 hour shifts)

When does the project run?

All year

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