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Coral reef and seagrass

Project name:


Project purpose:

Coral reef and seagrass surveys

Project activities:

  • community awareness
  • data collection/analysis

  • habitat restoration/management
  • scuba diving



South-East Asia

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Weekly cost (approx USD):



Direct benefits you gain:

  • cultural integration

  • data/statistical skills
  • field research skills

  • remote scenic location

Noteworthy conservation points:

  • development goals (supporting local community)
  • coral restoration

Wild Sun Rescue Center


shared volunteer house

When does the project run?

April - September


food included, accommodation included, local shops, phone signal, cooking facilities, local town, drop toilet, cold shower, refillable drinking water, nearby medical facilities, wifi at the Project House, Transport within the project is covered

How long can I stay?

Minimum 1 week for qualified divers and 2 weeks for non-qualified divers (the 1st week is their dive course)


  • Scuba diving license (volunteers can take dive courses at the project for extra cost)

Details of the day-to-day life on the project:

Conservation in Action

Week 0 – Dive Course

Unqualified divers arrive Monday and complete dive course including 1 extra buoyancy dive and 1 fun dive.

Weeks 1 onwards – Research Training and Survey Weeks

Qualified divers arrive on Monday. 
2 coral nursery dives 
2 turtle photo ID dives 
2 shark photo ID dives
2 other dives – depending on what needs doing at the time; could be reef clean ups, bouyline maintenance, clearing fish traps or deploying more coral nurseries. 
2 beach clean ups with local dive centres

Seagrass Research

Week 0 – Dive Course

Unqualified divers arrive Monday and complete dive course including 1 extra buoyancy dive and 1 fun dive.

Week 1 – Research Training 

Qualified divers arrive on Monday. 
Volunteers will learn the theory of Seagrass Watch; a globally accepted method of surveying seagrass beds 8 training dives

Weeks 2-4 – Research Training 

Volunteers will conduct actual official Seagrass Watch surveys on 4 of the largest seagrass beds in the Perhentian islands. 
Surveys are repeated twice a year to assess the health of the beds, as well as the impacts of the monsoon.


Sundays on the island are days off! Chilling, diving, trekking, totally up to you. If it’s your last week then Sunday is your departure day, so you’ll have to say a sad farewell to your fellow volunteers. Boats back to the mainland are at 8am, 12pm, or 4pm.

Skill Development

  • Seagrass Watch Surveys

  • Coral Rehabilitation Method

  • Photo ID

  • Diving

  • Research Skills

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