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Terms and conditions

The Conservation Network is a free open resource for anyone to add and share information about conservation projects around the world. Generally information comes directly from the projects but this is not necessarily the case all the time. The Conservation Network is providing a platform to bring this information together to in a coherent unified space to bring clarity to conservation projects.

We attempt to provide all the relevant information for the projects on our database which may have been submitted by The Conservation Network or one of the visiting members. We will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, however we do not accept liability for any misleading or incorrect information presented on our site. Projects may change their weekly pricing, times of expedition or other details that are not immediately updated on The Conservation Network. Please bear with us as we attempt to keep up to date but accept there may be omissions and mistakes, which we do not accept any liability for. There will also be places with missing information on some projects, this does not mean that the information does not exist, it only means that the information has not been submitted to our database and therefore we will not make up or assume any information, rather gaps or 'missing information' sections will be displayed.

We are not affiliated with any of the conservation projects that are listed on our site, and therefore do not take any responsibility for any subsequent communication with these conservation projects that one may have. This includes any interactions, payments, agreements, discussion and contracts that may be undertaken with the conservation projects listed on our site. The Conservation Network does not profit from these projects, we purely attempt to provide a platform for information sharing. 

The Conservation Network does not necessarily endorse the conservation projects on this website. We display the information concerning the projects and allow previous staff/volunteers to rate and review the projects.

All reviews and ratings are NOT the opinion of The Conservation Network, but of the previous staff and volunteers that have been on these projects. We reserve the right to remove any project and/or reviews from our website if we believe them to be false or using profanity. We want to keep this platform legitimate and available to everyone.

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