Our Mission

Our mission at The Conservation Network is to create a database of all the conservation projects around the world. By allowing previous conservationists and volunteers to review and rate the projects they have worked on, we hope to provide an impartial platform that brings clarity to conservation projects.


Our 4 main goals are:

  1. To have a list of every conservation project and opportunity, allowing people to come to one place to find and compare all the projects they are interested in!

  2. By providing information on various aspects of the project, volunteers can determine the usefulness of that project for their development and interest.

  3. The reviews and ratings will help determine the best projects that are are fun valuable experiences for the volunteer. That will hopefully give them real world experience of conservation and biological research.

  4. Prevent 'ecotourism experiences' dominating the market. While they can be good, we want projects to either give more scientific experience to the volunteer or that the money raised from volunteering supports conservation and scientific research.

  5. Finally we want to provide an easy and clear website that more experienced volunteers can use to find new job opportunities for fieldwork positions!

We have split every project into Staff and Volunteer, they will be copies of the same project but the information will differ slightly. The volunteer projects will be more focused on the cost of participating in the project and whether you will get a real taste of conservation work rather than a general 'ecotourism experience'. This doesn't mean we will exclude these projects entirely, but they're pages will not included some of the noteworthy conservation points that others will. The staff project page will be directed more towards the value of the experience for your career, this is still under development.


The reviews for every project will be posted on both pages to bring more clarity for everyone involved. We believe great projects that are endeavouring to make real scientific contributions and make a change should be recognised for their work!

We need your help!

The Conservation Network has been made by conservationists, for conservationists. Many of us want to gain valuable conservation experience, however finding projects that are truly worthwhile can be difficult, there are so many projects on-going in every country around the world. as a brief description online may not be informative enough. Experience of the project is far more valuable.

If you have worked or volunteered on a project, please review and contribute your personal knowledge to the site, helping us to grow and bring more clarity to conservation projects around the world. There are no strict guidelines. If you know of any project, company, university, resort, government or conservation activities that you think should get a mention, hit the button!


We only need a name, website and conservation goal to add it to the network, but any extra information will be great! Also feel free to edit projects that need extra info!

The information on this website is a free resource, it will be added to and edited by any conservationist, allowing truly genuine and transparent reviewing. Therefore the views expressed in reviews are of the individuals and not The Conservation Network.

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