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Recover endangered neotropical parrot populations

Project name:

Macaw Recovery Network

Project purpose:

Recover endangered neotropical parrot populations (Macaw) through leading a conservation network

Project activities:

  • animal rehabilitation

  • data collection/analysis

  • care for captive breeding macaws


Costa Rica

Central America

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Weekly cost (approx USD):



Direct benefits you gain:

  • cultural integration

  • remote scenic location

Noteworthy conservation points:

  • development goals (supporting local community)

  • ethical rehabilitation centre/practices

  • publishes peer-reviewed science

  • publishes work

Wild Sun Rescue Center


Basic facilities, shared bedroom, living room and bathroom.

When does the project run?


accommodation included, cooking facilities, electricity, local shops, refillable drinking water, cold shower, western toilet, drop toilet, wifi, washing machine

How long can I stay?


  • 18 years old, hard working, dedicated, team worker.

Details of the day-to-day life on the project:

The applicant will be a care taker at our Macaw Breeding Center during the non-breeding season. After a training period, the applicant will be given responsibility to care for a group of Macaws. Depending on the successes of the previous breeding season this includes caring for offspring and preparing them for release into the wild.

Volunteer Duties:
• Daily food preparation and feeding of captive breeding birds, pre-release birds and supplementary feeding of the released flock
• Regular site maintenance including aviary cleaning, providing perches and enrichment for captive birds and various other husbandry tasks
• Monitoring the health and behaviour of captive birds
• Different general maintenance or development tasks may be assigned depending on our current needs and the skills and abilities of particular volunteers

No previous experience or academic background in Biology needed. However applicants with a background in biology/veterinary or carpentry/construction are preferred.

The volunteer is expected to work 5.5 days a week. Monday to Friday from 5.30am until 5pm with a three-hour break and half a day in the weekend.

Duration of Work:
The minimum duration is one month with a maximum of 6 months. Only available from the beginning of July through the end of February. 

Desirable personal Qualities:
• Dependable and responsible
• Motivated and positive with a desire to contribute
• Interested in bird- and nature conservation
• Flexible, friendly, patient and optimistic
• Sense of humor is helpful.

Other Benefits:
• Great experience both in terms of travel and supporting a non-profit
• Increased understanding and appreciation of different values and lifestyles
• Increased skill in creative problem-solving
• Increased skill in team-communication 

Anticipated costs:
All international and nation travel costs to get to the site are your responsibility. Volunteers pay $300 per month for on-site accommodation and all utilities. Volunteers buy and prepare all their own food and we recommend you budget for at least $40 per week. 

Various other positions available, see website.

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