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Lionfish, dolphin conservation and coral restoration

Project name:

Utila Dive Centre

Project purpose:

Lionfish, dolphin conservation and coral restoration

Project activities:

  • community awareness

  • data collection/analysis

  • scuba diving

  • teaching



Central America

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Weekly cost (approx USD):



Direct benefits you gain:

  • field research skills

  • gain a qualification and/or credits

  • remote scenic location

Noteworthy conservation points:

Wild Sun Rescue Center


shared house/rooms/cabins

When does the project run?


local shops, electricity, accommodation included

How long can I stay?


Details of the day-to-day life on the project:

  • Gain PADI AWARE and Distinctive Specialty Certifications

  • Gain training in reef monitoring surveys

  • Participate in programs with ECO partners

  • Collect and analyse your own data

  • Attend lectures on important local marine species

  • Take part in underwater and beach clean-ups

Some of the specilaities you can take part in: Caribbean Lionfish Contaiment Diver, Caribbean Dolphin Awareness Specialty, Project AWARE & AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Coral and Fish ID.

This is a dive resort and is a active hub for tourists and holidaymakers. It is a beautiful location but not so off the beaten track as it used to be.

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